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No Need To Be Anyone But Yourself

It delights my soul to watch a fourteen-year-old girl create a collage about herself with such positive words and vibrant colours . . . and have fun doing it!

Something is very right when a young woman shows self confidence, delight and pride in meeting and surpassing the criteria of an art assignment. What a pleasure to watch her brainstorm about her passions and loves – no apologies, no false humility. And what an opportunity for me as her tutor, to affirm her identity, work ethic and creativity.

At one point of the tutoring session, Vicky turned to me and said, “Isn’t it selfish of me to do a collage about me? Maybe I should start again with a different idea.” 

Vicky, have you fulfilled the requirements of this art assignment?


Do you feel good about the work that you’ve done? 


Have you enjoyed doing this assignment?


Have you learned more about using different techniques to create dominance in your art?


Do you believe all the positive adjectives that you chose to describe who you are?


Well Vicky, your opinion of your work will always be more important than my opinion of your work but I just want to say that I think you’ve done a fantastic job. I also think you’re an amazing young lady. 

Silence. (But not for long because Vicky likes to talk.)

And a big smile.

Fourteen is a rough age. Growing up is a rough stage.

Parenting a young, confident woman who loves herself, who has a sober estimate of her abilities and talents, who pursues truth and desire wholeness in her life is a huge victory.

Being that young, confident woman who has not succumbed to the blatant lies that society screams at her about happiness, beauty, accomplishment and value is a huge victory.

Vicky is only fourteen years old and she is great at being herself.







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