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This is NOT what I look forward to when October comes around.


Call me a “stick-in-the-mud” but Hallowe’en has never been my favourite holiday and I have definitely stayed clear away from the horror aspect of this time of the year. I’m trying not to be judgmental but I really don’t understand why a parent would “decorate” their front lawn with plastic severed limbs.  This gory display was on one front lawn in a neighbourhood I was visiting today . . .

. . . and THIS glorious display of colour and beauty was thriving on the next lawn over.


I just stood there in awe.

THIS is October.

So many thoughts ran through my head but the one that stayed with me was the perspective of this tree being a powerful example of the world’s power and destruction. Here’s a resplendent tree with an ugly power line running through it, interrupting its fulness and magnificence.

Yet, the tree continues to grow, despite the obvious impact of the power line. There is a determination to this tree and this is exactly how we, as Christians, are to live – with intention, perseverance and beauty. Despite what the world offers us . . . despite how the world wounds us . . . despite how the world distracts us, we are to press on.

We are to be resilient.

We are to be who God has made us to be, despite our circumstances, trials and distractions.

We are to stand firm because of our deep roots in Jesus.

October constantly reminds me of strength and change and the beauty of letting go.

Hallowe’en reminds me of . . . well . . . nothing.






  1. Chris

    Test again

  2. My sentiments exactly!

  3. Chris

    Akismet is automatically flagging comments as spam. My email and others. We have to go into the settings and approve each comment so far (sigh)

  4. Beautiful autumn pictures, Diane. And I agree with your thoughts about Halloween. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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