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Odd But True

We were riding our bikes early this morning, minding our own business, when we came across this peculiar sight. Keep in mind, we haven’t taken a spontaneous trip to Italy.

Yup. An authentic black, flat-bottomed gondala, serenely floating up the canal – a touch of Venetian romance.  The gondolier was wearing the classic blue and white striped shirt with black pants and he maneuvered his boat with great precision along the canal.

It was bizarre – not something you would normally see in cottage country. Of course, I had to ask some questions. Turns out the gondolier brought this authentic gondola from Venice and he runs a company for honeymooners who would like to get married on a gondola.

Very odd.

I just thought you might enjoy a whimsical moment on this beautiful Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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