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Oh Yah – Fresh “Veges” From Our Garden!

Bring it on!

We are loving the beets, cucumbers and tomatoes from our roadside garden.  Our peas and kale were eaten by Mr. Groundhog (whom I haven’t seen for a few weeks – probably died from kale overload!) but the rest of the garden is thriving. I love bringing vegetables to neighbours and friends (we can only eat so many cucumbers!) and enjoying the fruits of our labour in daily, fresh salads.

However, our flower gardens are a very different story.

We live on a road inhabited by many good gardeners – our dismal flowers are certainly not due to lack of wonderful neighbourhood mentors or beautiful displays of colour and design. All along the road, there are window pots and hanging pots and bushes exploding with colour and health these days but ours? Well…not so much. Not sure why I can’t make that happen but our gardens are rather pathetic. In defence of Chris and I, we are faithful in daily watering and we fertilize according to instructions. We even talk to the plants yet,  there are way too many brown-coloured, shrivelled-up leaves. In addition to the lack of colour, because we did some bush pruning at the wrong time of their year, our front bushes are screaming for mercy.

I read all the “where and how” planting instructions for my annuals but nothing seems to be able to survive in the blazing all-morning and much-of-the-afternoon sun. What I truly can’t understand is that everyone else’s houses face east too but their plants are flourishing.

Maybe I bought the wrong plants? Maybe we just don’t have “green thumbs?”

A few days ago, a gardening guru and much respected neighbour made her way down the road to advise me on my gardening woes but she fell off her bike, hurt herself and rightfully headed home after a few sips of tea. I hope she will visit again soon but until then, I’m left with some pretty hopeless-looking annuals.

There’s always next year, right?

Meanwhile, I’ll just stick to vegetables. 🙂


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