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One More Story

So, that’s the end of the K Mart Trilogy – three crazy stories about the K Mart adventures  in downtown Bratislava.  Come to think of it, these stories all seem to involve the ineptness of the Slovak police officers, don’t  they?  That reminds me of one other incident that involved the incompetency of the police…but it didn’t happen at K Mart.

One morning, after I got the kids off to school, I changed into a white track suit and walked over to the “potraviny” (small grocery store) to buy some fresh buns.   I decided to bring our dog, Medo.  Unlike in Canada, dogs didn’t need to be on a leash but Slovak dogs had to wear a “košik” while outside.  This muzzle-like contraption was an ugly and uncomfortable steel-rung basket that was strapped over the nose and mouth of the dog. This particular day, Medo was wearing a muzzle and was also on a leash.


It was early spring and the fields were wet and muddy.  As Medo and I briskly walked to the store, minding our own businesses, a huge muzzled but unleashed German Shepherd eyed Medo and galloped towards us.  I anticipated the confrontation so I pulled Medo close to me.  The German Shepherd came crashing into Medo and somehow, both dogs’ muzzles AND teeth got intertwined…and stuck.

The other dog was noticeably bigger than Medo so as he pulled away to get “unstuck,” he pulled Medo and consequently,  Medo pulled me.  I started sliding across the mud as I frantically attempted to disconnect the two muzzles and two sets of angry dog teeth.   Both dogs were yelping because their teeth were being pulled out of their mouths, my white track suit had become blanketed with mud as I “skied” across the field and,  despite my screams for help, two police officers continued their coffee and conversation in the nearby parking lot.

Eventually, the German Shepherd’s  male owner arrived on scene and pulled the two baskets and bleeding dog teeth apart.  He then proceeded to whip his dog fiercely.  I just stood there dripping with sweat, covered in mud and watching in disbelief as I comforted Medo.   When I asked why the police didn’t help me, the other dog’s owner rolled his eyes and said, “ they figured that you had things under control.”  I have no idea how they came to that conclusion when I felt like I was about to die in the midst of a dog fight.  I do remember being about as angry as I had ever been.

The good news is that the police force has improved in Bratislava since 1994.  So has life for Slovak people.

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