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One Week Media Fast

Oh, how refreshing it was to walk away from social media for a week. My mind and my pace slowed down. I planned to do nothing and nothing is what I did – with no explanation, no justification and no guilt. Just longer sleeps, more movies, creative cooking coupled with loud music, nice walks and some wrapped-up-in-blankets-and-sitting-on-my-swing-by-the-water moments that I cherished. The quieter I became, the more I heard.

I will never get tired of the sound of waves.

Enjoying a one week social media fast also humbly reminded me of a couple of important realities.

I am not indispensable. 

The sun still rose and set. The minutes still ticked away. People carried on with their days and no one was waiting with baited breath for my posts, tweets or FB contributions.

I truly savour the time to express my thoughts. I like to encourage and lift others up. 

So, I must confess that I missed those minutes in my day when I paid particular attention to how God was working in my life and then wrote with intention.

So, I’m going to continue writing and encouraging and laughing.  Feels good. Does good.

Don’t have to think any deeper about it than that!




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