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Oops..and bigger Oops…

My son, Drew and his buddy stayed overnight so we could drive them to the airport today, as they head to Disney World for a week!  It’s actually quite humorous because they are staying in a reasonably priced family motel called Disney’s Allstar Movies Resort, so Chris and I are really looking forward to the pictures of 22-year-old Drew and his 30 feet highstatued heroes, Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

It was great to have Drew home – one conversation led to another and we ended up talking about various humorous accidents that our family has experienced over the years.  I think the winner for most absurd happened to Dawne, when she was about fifteen years old.   She was at a winter weekend camp and in the middle of the night, she and her friends decided to canoe down a toboggan hill! Their canoe smashed into a fence at the end of their adventure and Dawne broke her nose in a mighty way.

We got a good chuckle recalling Drew’s rollerblading “bail out” down a steep hill, that discolored his body with a record number of cuts, scrapes, scars and a massive “butt bruise”….and his hockey accident, resulting in his indented chest for a number of years.  And then there was his traumatizing experience at the Barrie carnival, when I coaxed him into taking a ride in The Zipper.  Drew was rather young and skinny at the time so he slipped through the seat belt and began to bounce around the steal cage like a lottery ball.  Drew likened it to feeling like a piece of popcorn.  Until recently, this has scarred him and left him with a bit of a phobia for amusement park rides.

We can’t forget the time when I ran into a horse (that would be a horse, as in gymnastics) and totally destroyed my middle finger.  That was actually quite painful but the funny part was the fact that all my fingers were curled and enclosed inside the cast, EXCEPT the broken one.   Take a second and picture that… for six weeks, I was walking around, making a obscene gesture with my middle finger boldly  sticking out of the cast! Perhaps this was just stressed out emergency staff having a laugh at my expense??!!

Or how about the time when, after four years of wearing braces on my teeth,  I had them taken off in the morning, only to knock out my two front teeth less than an hour later, as I was “Fosbury-flopping” over a high jump pole!

Then, of course, there was the time when I was showing off to my high school friend, Helga Witt, and decided to jump off a high platform and land in the splits position – that got me a two-week hospital stay and agonizing muscle pain where I didn’t even know I had muscles!…and none of my students will forget the time my brother told me to take a REALLY deep whiff of a mystery liquid that he had concocted during his Mad Science days.  My sinus cavities were burned, my nasal hairs were fried and I had, yet another brief hospital  “holiday”. Mom was thrilled…

We don’t want to leave Danae out (and she CERTAINLY will not let me forget) so let’s talk about the time that a horse stepped on her baby finger and I convinced her that she would be fine…or not?


The injury list continues.  Ahhh…..perfect memories on Family Day!

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  1. Anne

    Reminds me of the time we took a 5 year old Mike into Emergency in the morning for a deep cut over his eye because he jumped and hit the coffee table, then took a 3 year old Mark into Emergency that same afternoon because he also took a hit to the face on the coffee table. Social Services were not called!

  2. Coco

    Awwww, how I miss all of you!!!
    Happy Belated Family Day 😀

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