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It’s been a fun, relaxing five days away and I am happy to report that it’s been a very productive time as well.  Every morning, Linda and I set our alarms, (although I didn’t really need to because as you know,  I woke up courtesy of the noisy snow plows and garbage trucks – today, it was a 5:40 a.m. snow plow!)  drank our healthy smoothies, headed to the exercise room for an hour of “Ellen”, treadmills and free weights, we hot tubbed it for thirty minutes and then headed back to the cottage to write for the rest of the day.  Evenings were filled with chick flicks, chocolate and insightful discussions about a myriad of topics.  Thanks, Linda… for a great time away!

This morning, we were heading home and Linda starting telling some delightful stories about her Aunt Fran, who lives in Jackson Mississippi.  We had to drop off some movies so Linda pulled into the parking lot and I jumped out with the movies in hand.  I was mesmerized with the story and thinking about all the details  as I slid the movies into the drop box and headed back to the car.

I arrived at the car, opened the door and jumped into the front seat.

“Wrong car” is what I heard.  I looked up and there was a complete stranger in the driver’s seat!   I had just walked into someone else’s car!

The woman continued with a smirk, “I saw you coming – you looked like you were thinking of something really good.”

“I was” was all I could muster up in response.  The two of us started to laugh, I apologized and quickly exited her car.  I looked over to Linda, who was doubled over in laughter, watching all this unfold.

THAT’S what a good story does.  Say what you will about my “Mr Magoo” behavior but as my body walked across that parking lot, my mind enjoyed Aunt Fran’s company, her Mississippi accent, and her hospitality.

Good stories are gifts to the spirit.  You’re whisked away into another world and it takes some reality to bring you back.

Because there is a natural storytelling urge and ability in all human beings, even just a little nurturing of this impulse can bring about astonishing and delightful results.”    Nancy Mellon, The Art of Storytelling


  1. kathy

    Oh Diane! I can just SEE you doing this I still have a smile on my face!

  2. Danielle

    Only you Diane!!! That story made me burst out laughing.. thanks!! 🙂

  3. Leigh

    I am literally laughing out loud right now! I can soooo visualize you doing this. i would LOVE to hear her stories about another “southern lady”. You Totally crack me up~ love you BIG!

  4. Margo

    That sounds like something you’d do. But not intentionally, of course.

  5. Linda Armbruster

    I had only glanced down for a second and when I looked up I noticed Diane having a chuckle with the woman in the car next to mine. Surprised? No. This IS something Diane would do.
    I also wouldn’t be surprised to see that woman at Diane’s house one day having a special “cuppa” soya milk Chai Tea. Diane will say, “Remember that time I walked into this woman’s car? Well, I invited her over to laugh about it, she is a kindred spirit!” That’s OUR Diane!!! xoxoxo

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