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OVERFLOW met this past weekend…another wonderful time with a group of incredible women. Every time we meet, I become more convinced that it’s a mighty connection when older and younger women get together. I wish I could bottle the enthusiasm, the relationships, the encouragement, the creativity, the inspiration and the laughing that happens when this group gets together.  After the death of my laptop last week, OVERFLOW certainly was what my spirit needed.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the time was having Vicky, a dear friend of mine, come and share her life with us. She is one gifted woman and we were all mesmerized with her “Remember Box”,her beautiful alto voice, her sharp humor and her creative masterpieces.

This comments from Karen and Ann-Marie say it all!

Thanks for yesterday. It was, once again,  WONDERFUL!”
 I enjoyed everyone’s company so much, and  haven’t laughed so hard, in a long time( at least since the last Overflow!)
 It was special  doing our “Random Act of Kindness”,but I  think  the most meaningful  part was listening to Vicky  sing and share.  I really hope she  makes a CD , because then I could hear her soothing,  deep voice- over and over again   I  will  meditate on  the “I am in control”  song  . She has a lot of depth- that’s for sure-  as well as that quick wit (that matches yours!)  I loved her  prayer quilts  and the thought, divine  inspiration  and  creative work that went in to them.    And,  I loved her “Remembering Box”. I  plan to  make one myself, and corral  some of  the  special God- times I have  treasured throughout my life.   Karen

I sent off a thanks to Vicky…she was just delightful and the whole afternoon was a welcome oasis of relaxation, laughter, thoughtful discussion, quiet reflection and worship, and moving testimonies. A wonderful time. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it! I’m still smiling over the fun of our random act of kindness…hopefully the blessing will multiply.
Have a great week!

After spending some time with Vicky, we went to Swiss Chalet for an early dinner. Unbeknownst to anyone in OVERFLOW, the plan was to complete a random act of kindness by paying for the dinner of one group of people at the restaurant.  I put an older and a younger woman together, assigned a random table to them and instructed them to create a story about these strangers,  with the intention of convincing all of us that their table of people were the worthy recipients of a free dinner.  It was a riot.  Each group of two women told their woeful stories of the people at their table and boy, did we all laugh!

I was the official judge but actually, the entire group made the decision that we should pay for the family of four sitting behind us.  We let the restaurant manager in on our scheming so she was pretty intrigued about telling this family that their $70.00 meal had just been paid for anonymously by some people in the restaurant. It was so worth watching their faces as they heard the news. I overheard one of the young girls in OVERFLOW said,”it feels so good to do something like this for a stranger.”

This was Vicky’s first time with OVERFLOW and here is her take on the afternoon.

Saturday was a blast. You have a great group and I love the flow and cameraderie. Those girls are something else. When ____ told the story about stealing those toys and how her teacher handled it and what the hair elastic means to her when she looks at it, I thought “they get it! they get it!” THAT was exciting for me.

The respect and openness between the older and the younger women is very evident. When one of the older women spoke to the younger girls about how we learn from each other I could just see them lapping it up. It is far easier to keep the generations separate in conversation and actions than to take those steps (which must be done repeatedly) to join and not separate. How amazingly, completely Scriptural is that?! I felt SO welcomed and listened to, appreciated and embraced. It was a gift to be able to join you guys. I know, that sounds an awful lot like “it was an honour just being nominated” but it was! 

You’re definitely onto something, girl! God bless Overflow… abundantly…. to overflowing…

No need to say another word!

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  1. Barbara Simmons

    I am a good friend of Vicky’s and a recipient of one of her cherished prayer quilts. She is an extravagant woman with so many gifts and talents. I loved her the moment I met her ~ a true friend of the heart. So glad the blessing of her life is flooding the banks and overflowing into the lives of those around her.

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