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OVERFLOW – February, 2012

Another great OVERFLOW! last weekend!

It was a great day and it was a big group – fifteen women, ages 14 – 62 years of age.  The last time that we got together was in December when this crazy bunch of women went elfing so it was wonderful to catch up on everybody’s lives. A friend came to talk with us about interviewing skills because this OVERFLOW! group really enjoys interviewing influential women so we learned some great tips on what to do and what not to do.

The young ladies in the group were in charge of dinner so we partook in an international smorgasbord of Japanese sushi, Chinese dumplings and Italien “make your own pizzas.” We started off the afternoon by munching on gummy bears, chocolate covered almonds,  guacamole and red pepper paté so it was quite the mixture of foods.

After dinner, we went downstairs to watch a show called “From Recipes to Riches.”  This is a Canadian hit show on the Food Network where Canadians compete with their original recipe. If you win, your recipe becomes a President Choice® product, you win $25,000 and become eligible for the Grand Prize of $250,000. Everyone in the OVERFLOW! was wondering why I made them watch this show for thirty minutes but after Glo McNeill won with her Luscious Lemon Pudding, we all indulged in the actual dessert! Thanks, Kathy and Larry, for the idea! (and may I add that if you haven’t tried this product and you love the taste of lemon, you must get to the store and buy it right away!)

Our bellies were full and the conversations were sweet. I gave everyone some “food for thought” when I shared about the importance of seeing our mothers as more than our mothers, but also as women, wives, friends, sisters, employees etc.  I had blogged about this over the past week and I thought it might be good for these women to think about it as well.

As usual, the time flew by and we all headed home in the early evening. Thanks, Ann Marie – for letting us crash at your place all day! We’ll have to try skating on that backyard pond soon!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the video and food. We have had fun doing the same with friends and family !! Your group sounds like a really fun group of which to be a part!!

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