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OVERFLOW – March 19.2011

Last Saturday, OVERFLOW met and once again, it was an awesome time together. The group has grown and so has the excitement and anticipation.  For the first time, we had a guest speaker come and hang out with us and judging from the feedback, we were all inspired.  I had met with and invited Lois Brown to OVERFLOW and she was delighted to made time in her busy life and schedule to come and be with OVERFLOW for the afternoon. Lois is the Member of Parliament for Newmarket-Aurora, Ontario, where she was first elected in 2008.  Ms. Brown was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Cooperation in January 2011 and appointed to the Red Tape Reduction Committee also in January 2011.  She is an engaging speaker and a woman who prioritizes integrity in all her life responsibilities.

Here are some of the comments from the younger women in the group.

Hi Lois!
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and chat with us. It was really great to hear from such an admirable and inspirational woman of God like yourself. I’m glad there are people like you who are so determined in creating a better future. God bless!

If I were Prime Minister … I would provide better opportunities for the people experiencing homelessness. Every life is just as precious to God. Everyone should have the chance to see hope for their future.  Sam – 15

Thanks so much for telling us about your life as a Christian woman in politics. It was really exciting to hear all about your life, from your beliefs to your wardrobe. I hope I can continue to walk with the footmen because one day, I will run with the horses! You’re really inspiring! Thanks again!
If I were the prime minister of Canada, I would stop companies from building condominiums on what little green space we have left.
Emily – 13

Thanks so much Lois for filling me with so much inspiration and knowledge about the real world of politics. Thank you for showing my how to really appreciate my experiences and to also know more about our governent. You also really taught me how to present myself and to answer all questions as though i was presenting. This has really gotten me to think about my presentations skills and communication skills! Thanks so much for coming and allowing me to actually meet a politician! I am so grateful for what you have shared so thoughtfully! Again thanks and God Bless!
If I were Prime Minister I would improve the education values. My mom and I (mostly my mom though) has been noticing how dependent the next generation is, how they have no respect,how they can’t carry themselves they don’t appreciate help, and how they are so self-centered. I think I would instill the basic Christian principles to the education system. I know the whole world will not accept Christianity,but there are basic things such as respect,manners,patience,selflessnes…..e.t.c. that can be taught. Also, another thing that should be instilled is to make students more independent, not always relying on others to help them get to a certain point.I think this would really help the future citizens of Canada.       Florence – 13

Dear Ms. Brown,Today as you were talking, you really inspired me because normally I would never have that kind of confidence that you had to speak to a group of people that I just met.  One of the things that you mentions that really stood out in what you said throughout your entire presentation was that you always stood firm in whatever you believed.  If you believed that abortion was wrong you weren’t afraid to stand up for your beliefs.  I was really amazed by how you told us to never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.  You also told us each time we said an answer in class to pretend as if we were just giving a presentation, I never thought of answering a question that way.  I am always afraid to say the wrong answer and everyone laughing at me but today you really inspired me. If I was the prime minister of Canada I would make a law saying that no one is allowed to have an abortion because we are spending more money on people to have an abortion rather than the mothers that want to have a child but can’t afford it.  It isn’t fair to some people, we can spend the money on supporting first time mothers not killing the life of a baby that is already alive and growing.   Megan – 14

Hi Lois Brown, It’s Gloria from OVERFLOW.  I think you really showed me that me myself can make a difference.  You really pointed it out.  Thanks for being there with us on Saturday.  It was tons of fun, education and it showed me that making a small difference is actually a big difference.      Gloria – 13

It’s very cool to see young women who are inspired by healthy, ambitious, Godly women who are making a substantial difference in this world.
Lois joined us for a delicious “Providential” dinner consisting of foods with names that covered all the provinces of Canada. We also enjoyed the creative baking skills of Linda, who made the most delicious, Maple Leaf cookies on this planet!  If you ever need some cookies for a special celebration of any kind, Linda is the woman to contact – her loving touch and standard of excellence in baking is above anything you can imagine!
We finished the afternoon with a great discussion about what it means to be real in this world and once again, it was a memorable discussion.
Every time OVERFLOW meets, it just gets better and better.  This is what I am writing about in my current book.  Older and younger women need to be making time to meet together.  It is life-changing. I couldn’t say it any better than Sam, who recently wrote me with this comment.
It was great to see you too! I had a lot of fun as usual 😉 It’s so great. It’s a new experience every time! I honestly learn and experience VERY new things every time we meet together for Overflow.
I’ve gotten to experience Elfing, High Tea, meeting Lois Brown and a whole bunch of other stuff! And it’s always great to hear from all the older women. Sometimes I may feel weird or uncomfortable, but I think it’s a good thing. No one’s ever going to get anywhere if they don’t push themselves out of their comfort zones, right? (:

I am already thinking about what crazy thing we are going to do next time OVERFLOW gets together!



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