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My daughter texted me this morning and I responded.

10:13  My book proposal was rejected yesterday.  Feeling discouraged

10:14      Really? Did you just find out? What was the feedback they gave you? I’m sorry to hear that mom. Don’t give up

10:15     Just a standard rejection letter. No feedback

10:17    That’s hard. It would be nice if they gave you some sort of feedback as to why?  What’s your next plan?

10:17    Not sure

10:18    You sound really down

10:18    Yup

10:19    You in Beaverton?

10:19    Yes

10:19     What are you doing?

10:20    Exercising

10:21     Oh OK.  You gonna be home all day?  I’ll call you when I’m done school?

10:21    OK.  Talk to you later

12:25    Tried to call. Where are you?

12:35   On the phone with Linda.  I will call you after


It was my daughter!  She had jumped in the car and driven from Peterborough to Beaverton, with a bouquet of flowers.  She wanted to cheer me up.

The two of us had tears in our eyes.  Danae told me that she was crying in the car, just thinking of surprising me. We spent the afternoon together, cuddled under blankets, talking about this, that and everything else.

I was so touched.  Danae made my day.

It’s exactly what I needed.

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  1. kathy

    Tearfully writing this… Our kids can be such a support to US. I guess it’s what we have taught them. Two of the love languages are physical touch and attentive listening. Danae understood your need for her special touch and comforting attention and listening. Of course the receiving of the bouquet falls into the love language of receiving and giving of gifts. All of theses combined made you feel soooo loved. Comforting.

  2. Leigh

    i too, am weeping as i write this to you! you are blessed my friend. you are hurting and disappointed(as i am for you)but God has something better-He always does! i love you and i thank you for the woman that you are, and for the mother(friend) that you are to your daughters~You inspire me! xo

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