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Pass Me The White Out

A friend of mine recently wrote on Facebook that her life mantra is, “write it in pencil.” I’m not particularly into mantras but I do like the way she thinks. I’m a goal-oriented person who finds great delight in checking off my To-do list BUT seldom do my days unfold with perfection.

Although I scribble most of my appointments in pen, I use a LOT of White Out . . . or should I say, Correction Fluid.

I gotta’ change my plans . . . regularly.

Change is a constant and I have learned that the sooner I embrace that truth, the freer I become.


It’s not enough to merely tolerate change — we’ve got to embrace it.

Today was one of those “schedule-five-appointments-back-to-back-and-drive-south-to-the-big-city-to-get-everything-done-in-one-day” days — AND be back home in plenty of time to tutor.

But there are train crossings and traffic and friends who need a listening ear and misplaced keys and bank machines that don’t work properly and an older woman who needed help with her groceries in the check out line at Walmart and well…you get the picture, right?

Life is all about changing – surrendering, growth and flexibility.

Old ways don’t open new doors.

I do believe it’s important to “embrace change” and I would add this: “and be gracious to those who are going through it.” Assume the best of others and be patient with their learning journey as well.

Remember, “change is inevitable — except from a vending machine.”                    Robert C. Gallagher


Who is like the wise? And who knows the interpretation of a thing? A man’s wisdom makes his face shine, and the hardness of his face is changed.  Ecclesiastes 8.1 ESV

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