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Pass The Love On But Hold Onto Your Blanket

I went out and bought twelve balls of wool and a crochet needle yesterday.  I’ve decided it’s time to get crafty again – it’s been a while.  I realize that I am “tootin’ my own horn” when I boast of  my various homemade creations in the past, including knitting Icelandic sweathers, mitten and scarves, sewing housecoats, cross stitching countless heritage pieces, gluing advent calendars together, card-making, calligraphy, cooking endless types of regal Christmas cookies, toiling with some toll painting and… I certainly can’t forget those infamous macramé owls.  I don’t want to continue bragging or anything but I was doing some pretty serious scrapbooking before serious scrapbooking ever got serious.

I suppose my quilting friend’s visit last week inspired me but I have been thinking of crocheting blankets for my daughters since I started babysitting Danielle’s children once a month.  Every time I go to Danielle’s house, her cozy blanket beckons me to the brown couch.  I can’t help myself.  It has nothing to do with whether I’m cold.  I just have to lie down and cover my whole body with this warm, homemade masterpiece.  My toes can’t be sticking out at the end and the blanket has to be be pulled right over my shoulders.  I love the feeling of snuggling under a blanket made with time and love.

So, I want to pass that feeling on to my daughters.

While I was in the craft store, I phoned Danae and asked her what colors she wanted in her blanket.  It didn’t take long for her to give me her order. “White, gray, black and turquoise….and make mine first, OK?” I think Danae gets it.  She really likes blankets too.  Whenever she comes to our place, she nestles into MY Pondering Chair and hides under MY heavy horse blanket that she gave ME for Christmas.

I think we are both blanket hogs.  I know I am.

I stumbled on this comic this morning as I was writing about blankets.  My husband could totally relate.  Living with a blanket hog isn’t easy.

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