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Patient Friends/Wonderful Teachers

This crocheting project has been a BIG test in perseverance and humility for me……and I am quite sure it’s been an even BIGGER test in patience for my two friends, Danielle and Linda, who naively committed to showing me how to do this  “simple” craft.

After countless hours of stumbling through the first row of three hundred stitches, dropping stitches, ripping out, re-crocheting, untangling yarn, resigning to a simpler pattern, (actually, no pattern at all….just plain old, ordinary, simple, straightforward crocheting) relearning how to hold the yarn and being patiently shown how to move  on to the second row, I am beginning to get the right tension and rhythm.  I got so caught up in these victorious moments last night that I forgot to blog!  As I rewind all the yarn that I just stepped on, it absolutely baffles me that it has taken so much time and work to catch on to all this.   I have warned my single daughter that she won’t be receiving this finished blanket until after the birth of her fourth child!

If I didn’t know Danielle and Linda as well as I do, I would be convinced that in the privacy of their own homes, when I’m not sitting there beside them, desperately trying to follow their quick and nimble fingers, they are splitting their sides laughing at my ineptness with this activity.  And I mean ineptness.  I had to laugh when I read the definition of that word – when it comes to crocheting, it describes me perfectly.  I truly am “Without skill or aptitude for this particular task, generally awkward; haplessly incompetent; absurd and foolish.” defines patience as “The ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.” I disagree.  I think true patience is more than suppression.  Have you ever pretended to be patient?  It’s tough.  You can manage it for a short time because of practicing good suppression skills… but you can’t do it forever.  When it’s not true patience, you will eventually blow.

Patience is more than a pretense of placidity.  It must be authenticated by true peace. It’s a posture that pulls on a biblical perspective of life.

Both Danielle and Linda have been truly patient with me.  Despite my very slow learning, they have been light and peaceful through it all.  They have encouraged me to remain. I am so thankful for their stick-to-it-ness and healthy perspective because I confess that, more than once, I thought it would be a better thing for all involved that I just return all this tangled-up yarn to the store and stick to cycling.

Thanks so much, Danielle and Linda!!

James 5:7,8

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