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Pen With Cygnets

While I was waiting for my Tuberculosis test, (yet another step in the bus driver training requirements) I was staring at the June photograph in a Humane Society calendar that was thumbtacked to the wall.   The picture was entitled, Pen with Cygnets and I had no idea what that meant so I looked closer. There was a beautiful swan with two baby swans nestled on her back. Beside the picture was the following explanation:  A female swan is called a pen, a male swan is called a cob and a baby swan is called a cygnet.”   I thought to myself, “Fascinating. I didn’t know that.”

While the doctor was preparing to inject me with a needle, I tried to make small talk with him by asking him if he knew what a female swan was called.  He had no idea. He didn’t know the name for a male swan either. When I told him the answers, he stopped for a moment and said, “Fascinating.  I didn’t know that.”

When a nurse entered the room to retrieve some equipment, the doctor asked her if she knew what a female swan was called.  She didn’t know. When the doctor gave her the answer to this spontaneous trivia question, she turned to him and replied, “Hm… very interesting.  I didn’t know that.”

I had to smile. Us adults don’t know a lot of things, do we? We have a lot to learn.  Every day provides endless opportunities to look around, ask questions and soak in simple facts about this fascinating world that God has created. We need to be available and humble and teachable, no matter how old we are.  We need child like curiosity and giggly anticipation for what’s coming.

When we choose this teachable mindset, life can’t help but fascinate us.

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