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A Child’s Eyes

Funny, what children deem important, huh?  Chris’ birthday is coming up and Phoenie spent a long time making a card for his Papak.  Interesting to note that of all the experiences that our six-year-old grandson has shared with Chris, Phoenie thought it appropriate to draw a picture of Chris and I fast asleep in the early morning, with Phoenie bouncing into our room, telling us to “Get up.”   I wonder what was going on in his little mind when he sat down to create this little masterpiece.

I just love the way that children see the world.  The inside of the birthday card was also amusing… a little bit of Easter mixed up with birthday celebrations!  Apparently, “tonight… family!!!!”  means something very special to him.  In case, you don’t recognize the big-eared  figure on the far left, that’s the Easter Bunny sneaking into Phoenie’s room while he’s catching a few “Zs”, and it’s nice to know that Phoenie is so happy!

This is great to behold – life filtered through a child’s imagination.  It does the heart good.

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  1. Kathy

    God bless the children. We too are to see the world with open hearts and eyes.

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