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Phoenie And Lola

Whenever I blog and Phoenie is visiting, he asks me, “Are you writing about me?”¬†

We’re visiting Phoenie this weekend, so I asked him if he would be today’s guest blogger. He agreed. So, let me introduce you to our seven year old, soccer playing, frog collecting grandson.

He has decided that Lola, his untrained yorkshire terrier, will be his blog topic.


Dad brought Lola home after school one day and I didn’t know we were getting a dog. She was tiny – she wasn’t even as big as a pillow. I was in Grade 1 and I was very surprised.

When Lola bites your toes, it tickles.

When she gets annoyed, sometimes she scratches your cheek but it doesn’t hurt – it’s really gentle.

She sleeps a lot.

She’s not very smart. When we want her to sit, she just jumps at the treat and eventually sits because she gets tired of jumping.

When we throw her in Papak and Nana’s lake, Lola looks like a big rat.

When she gets excited, she runs in a circle. When she walks, she bounces.

Once we were giving Lola a bath. I was laughing because she was shaking her head and getting my face wet so I gave her to mom.

I love Lola but I want to shoot darts at her now so where’s my gun?

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  1. Karen Perrott

    Phoenie – I like your story about your dog. Lola, who must be a very special dog. You are a good writer like your Nana

  2. Danielle

    I love the shelves in Phoenie’s room.. such a great idea!!

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