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Phoenie’s Thoughts For the Day

So, here I am sitting with Phoenix Slobodian, sharing pretzels and complimenting him on his very Christmasy socks.

Between pretzel chomping, I do believe he has something to say.

Diane: What’s on your mind these days?

Phoenix: Pretzels, at the moment.

Diane: Can you get beyond that, Phoenix?

Phoenix: Just went tobogganing this afternoon. Awesome time. I actually made it down on the snowboard 15 times without falling…I just couldn’t figure out how to stop. I would slow down, I’d try to turn the board and land on my butt.

Diane: Olympic bound?

Phoenix: Not this February.

Diane: Tell me more about your life.

Phoenix: Loving school.

Diane: Oh, come on. Tell me three things you like about school.

Phoenix: Well, I’m vice president of the school so I have great power. I mean, I actually contribute ideas to make the school better. Lunch is good because I get to hang with  my friends. Dismissal is awesome.

Diane: What’s the last book you read?

Phoenix:  The End of Days by Eric Walters and I’m going to read the two Eric Walters you and Papak just gave me – Bully Boys and Camp X.

Diane: You’ve loved reading since you were a little guy. One of your favourite things to do, right?

Phoenix: For sure. I’ve got tons of great books. I’m getting better at tennis. I like video games. I like listening to music.

Diane: Grade 9 next year. New school. Are you excited about that?

Phoenix: It’s going to be hard because I have to leave all my friends and make new ones.

Diane: Good friends attract good friends, Phoenie. Be a good friend – you’ll find some good friends at the new school.

Phoenix: So, if I spoke French really well, would I attract good french fries?

Diane: Hm….not sure what to do with that one.  Ready to play Crokinole?

Phoenix: I challenge you to Checkers, Nana.

Diane: Nope. You’re too good. Crokinole it is!

Phoenix: Signing off for now.





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