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Phoenie’s Wit

My grandson, Phoenie will be rounding the corner to his teenage years when his little sister arrives on the scene in early October. Last time Phoenie and I got together, we had a wonderful walk and talk about his week at Mini-Yo-We camp this summer AND we talked a bit about the changes coming this fall in his family.

Diane: So, how are you feeling about having a baby sister soon?

Phoenie: Meh…

Diane: Really? No big deal?

Phoenie: Well, I guess I won’t be the favourite anymore. (These days, he’s his mom’s only child)

Diane: Oh, Phoenie, moms don’t have favourites. They have enough love for all of their kids.

Phoenie: Did you have a favourite child, Nana?

Diane: Nope.  I didn’t have a favourite child. I loved all three of my children.

Phoenie: Well, did you have a least favourite?

What a classic question from Phoenie. Made me laugh. 

Later in the afternoon, Phoenie, my expectant daughter and I were sitting at the kitchen table.

Dawne: Phoenie told me that you let the name of this baby slip out by mistake.

Diane: Yah, I’m so sorry about that, Dawne.  Phoenie, didn’t I say, “Don’t tell Mom?”

Phoenie:  But Nana, didn’t Mom say, “Don’t tell anyone?”

Another classic question by my wonderful, growing up grandson with the quick wit. 






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