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Playing In The Snow


All we need is a rubber hammer and we can play Wack-A-Mole!

wack a mole - snow tunnels

It’s great to see two young kids work hard, be outside in the fresh air, playing for a couple of hours and feel proud about the final result! (Well, three young kids, if you include me!)

The first thing that our grandson did when he arrived at our place last night was strap on a head flashlight and make his way downstairs to check out the snow tunnels.  He was VERY impressed with all the work that A.J. and Vicky had done . . .

. . . but the tunnel isn’t finished yet.

This morning at 9:00, he and his friend headed out to continue building the snow maze. They worked and played outside for almost three hours and added two more tunnels.

Kelvin and Phoenie shovelling - snow tunnels

These snow tunnels are awesome!

kelvin and Phoenie hanging out at the snow tunnels.

Phoenie and Kelvin also feel such a sense of pride for a job well done!

Kelvin and Phoenie - snow tunnels

This is what kids need to be doing — putting on their snowsuits, wrestling in the snow, goofing around and feeling good about a job well done, in the midst of a whole lot of fun. They’re planning, cooperating, measuring, exercising and encouraging each other.

It may be Professional Development day (day off school) but these two are definitely learning! No devices, no TV — just plain old-fashioned fun and a cup of hot chocolate to wash the cookies down.

I’m so glad that these snow drifts called my name a couple of days ago.

play is the highest form of research



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