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Pride Goeth Before A Fall

My first official bike ride was with my cyclist friend who got me started in the sport.  He was a very fit father of two young girls to whom I was giving trampoline lessons that summer.   I would watch Rob put on all this cool cycling gear and hop onto his spanking clean road bike.  It intrigued me so I started asking questions and the next thing I knew, I found a tooth in a chocolate bar (see yesterday’s blog entry) and there I was with a new bike, ready to tackle the back roads.

On our first ride together, Rob decided that 45 K was a reasonable distance.  Well, I “bonked” ( the term used when cyclists haven’t eaten or hydrated well before a ride and they fall apart with exhaustion)  so when I finally got back to his house, I literally fell off the bike, stumbled into their kitchen and downed about six big bowls of Cheerios.  That ride taught me the importance of eating and drinking well before a long bike ride!

Having this one ride under my belt, I decided that I was ready to join a cycling club and “ride with the big boys”.  Now, I have to tell you something important here – when you’re on a road bike, you “clip in”, which means that your cycling shoes become attached to the pedal – you and the bike become one.  You have to remember to clip out when you want to get off the bike.   It becomes second nature when you’ve been riding for a while but it takes a little practice on the front end.

I was feeling pretty good about keeping up with the rest of the ‘roadies” as the cycling group headed north on Warden.  I was drafting behind the faster riders, my cadence was good and it was a smooth ride.  We were approaching a busy cross road so I needed to stop.   A number of the cyclists were ahead, many of them balancing on their bikes, waiting for the traffic to pass.

I was engaged in what must have been an interesting conversation because when I caught up to the lead group of riders and stopped, I totally forgot to “click out” of my pedals and to the horror of the entire group, my bike and I leaned to the right and fell, hitting the cyclist beside me, who hit the cyclist beside him, who hit the cyclist beside him – you got it – domino affect, right through about 20 cyclists.  Boom, boom, boom….down she goes.

It was not a pretty picture.  As my pride and I laid there on the road, (I was still attached to my bike)  I got a LOT of dirty looks from the group and I was pretty much delegated to the back of the pack for the remainder of the ride.

I think this experience remains one of the TOP 10 most embarrassing moments of my life.

First pride, then the crash – the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.  Proverbs 16:18, The Message

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  1. Karen Perrott

    Thanks for sharing this embarrassing albeit humoruous ( for us , the readers) story! It certainly is a good word picture for “pride goeth before a fall”. I’ll remember that!

  2. kathy taylor

    Interesting word-bonked. Is that like going bonkers??
    Have you ever played “Road to Tijuana” with Dominoes…..dominoes anyone??

  3. Linda Armbruster

    This reminds me of the time I proudly road a boys bike with that useless bar from steering column to seat. Someone told me before riding that it had 3 gears and hand brakes, but I didn’t care, I could out ride any boy, bar none. Off I flew down the sidewalk and when the telephone pole stepped out to trip me I pedaled backwards to stop the darned thing. To no avail. The pole and I were friends face to face. Ah, yes, pride before the fall. xo

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