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Pure Joy In Friendships

Love, love, love the featured image today. As someone aptly responded on FB, “I hope I always stay this way.”

Me too. Sure hope I’m still dancing when I get old and plump.

A friend and I are heading to a week long seminar in early June. These days, we’ve been meeting together occasionally to discuss some books that we’ve both been making our way through in preparation for certification.

Or at least, that’s been the plan.

We’ve had great intentions but more time than not, we’ve ended up playing and laughing.

Once again earlier this week, we met with the lofty expectation to discuss a book. We were together for 2.5 hours and for 2.45 hours, we didn’t even mention the book.

But we had a wonderful time together.

Here’s my friend’s email to me later that afternoon. (Anything in brackets, I added)

Hi Friend, 

As always, I enjoyed our discussion today and, of course, our in-depth conversation regarding the book. (NOT!) I hope you were able to spend time with your friend before flying back to tutor. 

I’m free Tues, Wed. and Thurs. of next week so if any of those work for you, take your pick. 


I responded with the following:

Home safe and sound.

Tuesday morning looks good. Do you want to come here with your walking shoes and book and then talk about something else and not do a walk? 🙂 Tee,hee

Or do you want me to come your direction and we can do the same thing? 🙂
we can actually talk about the second book!

My cheeky friend responded with:

Tuesday sounds good.  I can come over there and I will wear my walking shoes on the off chance we actually make it out for a walk.  I’ll even bring the book and notes, again on the off chance we actually get around to discussing anything to do with the certification. Or we can throw all of that out the window and do something else entirely. 

You know, I think that picture you sent me of Lucy and Ethel is far more appropriate than I initially thought. 

What a blessing to have playmates as I move closer to my 60’s.

Thank you, Lord for friends with whom I can laugh, play, talk honestly, encourage, question, learn and pray. Thank you for those who have weaved their love and giftedness into my life for but a season and for those who have nested and stayed.

I am forever kissed by each women’s impact, story, struggle and glee.

I think I’ll just sit here for a few minutes and smile. Then I’m going out to play.

I’ll sign off with another one of my favourite pictures. Look familiar, anyone? 🙂


older ladies on a rollercoaster



  1. Beautiful!
    (And I’m sure those women in the lower photo were wearing big, baggy drawers!)

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Cynthia.It is indeed beautiful to have such friendships. Just have to separate my writing hours from my play hours more efficiently! 🙂 Love both!

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