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Chris and I love our puttering days… when you open one eye at a time to a blue sky and a free day ahead, turn off the alarm, roll over and grab a few more minutes in la-la land. Boo hears us and starts scratching at the bedroom door to let us know it’s time for a good belly rub.  He finds his place – usually lying on my left shoulder, cuddling in close to my neck –  and begins to purr. This is our second alarm and his spa time. A good scratch behind the ears for Boo, we roll out of bed and make our way downstairs.

We have a leisurely breakfast, a tea and a coffee and start thinking about puttering. No deadlines, no commitments, no rush. The music goes on, we talk about the to do list and then we plunk ourselves down on the couch and look out on the water or admire our gardens.

When the actual puttering begins, Chris is in his glory – he is a true Putterer – it’s his natural speed. I love to watch him methodically and strategically accomplish his tasks. He’s a good worker with a slow but steady wins the race mentality. He’s happy to retreat to the boathouse, arrange (and rearrange) his tools and come up for air when it’s lunchtime.

I’m getting better at puttering.  I’m used to a “let’s get this done” mentality but I’m warming down to the puttering rhythm.  It’s a good change for me.  The garden has been my Puttering Command Central and I am flexing my puttering muscles more and more as I weed, water, and admire. Crocheting slows me down too.  I am happy to say that I finished my first blanket, just in time to give it to Danae as she and Boo move out today.

Here’s my puttering blanket for Danae.


Yahoo for puttering!

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  1. Barb Smith

    Thanks Diane for reminding me. Fyi ,I am queen of Puttering. Sorry, haha! Just ask Kath or any of my kids. I can putter all day, and JD won’t see anything I’ve done. That’s OK by me because I love it. Gardening too, is probably my most favorite of puttering zones. With 3 places to garden at, I don’t lack initiative or run out of things to do. I too, love to sit an admire my work, like opening a cupboard door several times just to see how great it looks after my puttering!!!

    Enough of that topic!! Really what I want to say is, that is a beautiful blanket. I’m sure Danae is overly delighted. I hope she realizes the hours of work you put in it. It is beautiful Diane!

    Great to read your blogs, and I can see what you are doing through your words. Enjoy, and when you are done, enjoy a little more!!

    Blessings, Barb

  2. Kathy

    Comgratulations Diane!!! You DID it!!! It really is beautiful- modern-
    a la mode . Happy puttering!!

  3. karen perrott

    Good job on the blanket It’s tres cool! .Lucky Danae! And good job on your” learning to putter ” journey! Your health will thank you!

  4. Linda Armbruster

    Di, that is a work of art. Excellent job… it’s like Mom’s arms of love when Danae wraps it around her!

  5. Anne

    Have you had the “what about one for me” comments yet from Dawn and Drew??

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