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Red TV Screen = Possible Problem

Chris and I were watching a movie on Saturday night when suddenly, a red warning sign with computerized voices came up on the TV screen.

Tornado warnings in the area. Pretty close to us.

We’ve lived here eight years and experienced many new adventures but thankfully, a tornado is not one of them.

Interesting where your mind goes when a possible natural disaster is on the horizon.

Chris wanted to watch the weather. I wanted to move my herbs inside and figure out who was the closest neighbour with a basement.

I began to think about all the stories I’ve heard of families who have lived through hurricanes and flooding – they lost everything in their homes and started over again. Chris and I have given financially to these disasters but I have not actually, “put myself in their shoes” before. What a sobering experience to think of the immensity of their loss.

But the human spirit can be so resilient and life goes on.

There was a moment when I looked around our house and thought, “What do I try to salvage if our house gets whisked away in a tornado? It could happen. Would I go for all the baby books and photo albums? My daytimer? Manuscripts of future books? May laptop? My favourite necklace? My frother? 🙂

Funny but I couldn’t really think of any material item that had to be saved. (Well, maybe my frother)   I just wanted another day with Chris. I wanted more time with my kids and grandkids. More time with loved ones. That’s all that really mattered.

People, not things. 

I also talked with Jesus for a few minutes. Just wanted Him to know that I knew that He knew what was going on and that I know, without question, that He IS in control.

Chris and I made a Plan A and a Plan B. Then we sat and waited for a couple of hours. We definitely experienced a severe thunder storm that evening but no tornado. Good practice though. Good to have a plan of escape should an “out-of-our-hands” natural disaster occur. Living on the water, we are very aware of how out of control we are when it comes to the weather. Chris and I continue to haul rock to our badly eroded shore line because of all the recent rain and if we look down the waterfront, we can see boathouses that were ruined because of a very unexpected, fifteen-feet-high ice pileup that happened two winters ago.

Human beings are not nearly as “in control” as they would like to think they are.

All we can be is prepared.

When He imparted weight to the wind And meted out the waters by measure, When He set a limit for the rain And a course for the thunderbolt, Then He saw it and declared it; He established it and also searched it out. Job 28.25-27












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