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Remembrance Day

Canadians overwhelmingly find Remembrance Day as relevant today as when it began nearly a century ago, but are split on whether younger generations properly appreciate and honour the country’s veterans, according to a new survey released days before the ceremony.

Only slightly more than half (54 per cent), however, feel today’s youth “do a good job” of honouring veterans, and slightly fewer than half (46 per cent) think young people understand the sacrifices of those who have died in conflict. Huffington Post – Canadian Press  November 9. 2015

Interesting survey results.

I was very moved to drive past the local elementary school this week and see these crosses displayed on the front lawn.

Remembrance Day 2015 at school

My tutoring students have a good understanding of Remembrance Day. They appreciate the stories they have heard from soldiers who have fought in the wars. I don’t sense any disrespect or confusion on their part about their freedom. In fact, I would venture to say that students today have a better understanding of Remembrance Day than my generation did when we were younger.

The reporter continues:

The further that we get from the Second World War, the more reason there would seem to be for interest to lessen, but actually I think there’s a tremendous awareness among all Canadians that our veterans from that war in particular are now generally in their 90’s. It’s an open question as to how much longer we will have them and their memories and the ability to celebrate them while they’re here.
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