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Resignation To The Aging Process

My first ride of the season is always a bit weird” were the last words that I said to Chris as I headed out on my bike.  About eight feet later, I turned a bit too sharply and…

bike fall

Chris was standing on the front porch, cracking up as he witnessed my debut bike ride.

I’m a trooper so I pulled myself together and headed out once again, carefully maneuvering my way around the potholes and puddles.  I decided to take Chris’ suggestion to make it a relatively short ride so I didn’t exhaust myself.   Chris has occasionally been my one-man rescue team when I haven’t eaten or hydrated myself well before a ride.  The consequence is that my body slows down after about an hour of pedaling and I’m not able to push it anymore.  It’s a humbling moment for me and usually an inconvenient one for Chris as he has to jump in the car and pick me up on a lonely road far, far away from home.  This time, I came up with a proactive strategy and a reasonable distance.

I managed to make it home in one piece.

I really don’t enjoy first time out physical activity.  Actually, it’s probably more appropriate to say that my body doesn’t enjoy first time out athleticism.   I always do more than I should.  Whether it’s cycling or more recently, volley-ball,  I come out of it hurting badly and anticipating about two days of pain.  You wouldn’t believe how much I whined about my volleyball injuries for the past couple of days.  (Chris suggested that I write that!)  I throw myself into these physical challenges and although I “show well,” my body just doesn’t appreciate the effort I’m giving – in fact, I think my body actually resents it. The muscle memory is there but the muscle ability isn’t.

I think it comes from an ongoing internal struggle with the aging process.  Don’t get me wrong – I love where I am in life right now.  My mind is OK with my age but I honestly feel great loss of the agile, quick responding body that I once had.  I’ve always been a very athletic person and I want to continue being physically active…but I need to stop throwing myself into every activity as if I was twenty years old.

I know that I am going to want to slalom this summer.  I am dying to get up on one ski from the water and fly across the wake.  I will compromise and start on two skis.  I’ll go from there and see what happens.

Meanwhile, a good soak in Epson Salts and warm water does wonders.

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  1. karen perrott

    I hear you ! Good ol’ Epsom salts!

  2. Kathy

    You did really well in the volleyball tournament!!!
    Fun watching you “throw yourself” into the fray!
    Some good shots of you and your teamon the photographer’s website!!!
    Way to go Diane!!
    Aaaaah…. Epsom baths !!!!

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