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Roadblocks and Detours

OVERFLOW is going on a road trip!  For the past four months, I have been planning a road trip with the OVERFLOW group ( see welcome ) and finally, the plans have solidified and nine of us are packing our bags in preparation to meet Senator Anne Cools this coming Monday afternoon.  Everyone is psyched, the hotel is booked, the meals are planned and we’ve all done our research about how the Senate works. (Do you know how many Senators we have in Canada?)  It’s going to be a crazy fun three days together.

Hold that thought.

This morning, I was on Dr. Grant Mullen’s website and watched a video called, “How to Handle Roadblocks.”  He was talking about when “things happen that bring our plans to a screeching halt.  We thought we had the details figured out, then it all falls apart.” 

Not five minutes later, I received an unexpected phone call from Senator Anne Cool’s assistant, who informed me that she is a bit concerned about “what’s happening on the Hill. The MPs met all night long, discussing the current Canadian Postal Strike and most likely, the Senate will be responding to the Parliament’s decisions sometime early next week. Therefore, there is a good chance that Senator Cools will not be able to meet with OVERFLOW on Monday.”

After her explanation, she asked me, “What do you think about all this?”

I had to chuckle because yesterday, as I walked by our mailbox, I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “Boy, I sure don’t feel the effect of a postal strike like I did years ago.”

Well… now I feel it.

So, what did I think about the possible cancellation of a trip that has been in the making for four months?  Well, to be honest, I wasn’t impressed.  But my mind immediately went to Dr. Mullen’s thoughts on roadblocks in life.  What’s that saying? …life is what happens between all your plans…

I chose grace in my response and immediately began thinking of an innovative detour.  It’s really has very little to do with how I feel – this is just the stuff of life.   I alerted everyone in OVERFLOW about how things were unfolding and to stay tuned for further details.

But the roadblock was cleared. Five minutes later, Senator Cool’s assistant called me again.

I talked with Senator Cools and she really wants to meet your group. So, let’s carry on as planned.” 

So glad that I didn’t get strung out about this one.

Look out Ottawa. Here we come!

Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Saviour, and my hope is in You all day long.  Psalm 25. 4,5

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  1. Pamela Yule

    Hi Diane:
    Why are you and your group meeting with senator Cools?

    • Hi Pam…OVERFLOW is a group of 14 women, ages 14 – 61 yrs old. We believe there is something wonderful about being together – learning from each other – focussing more on what we have in common as women, as opposed to allowing our age difference to be a barrier to authentic, inspiring communication and friendship. We’ve been meeting for about a year now and we’re all the better for it! Senator Cools is a fascinating woman and I wanted all the women in OVERFLOW to meet with her and be able to ask her questions about her life and job. The road trip is one of many adventures for the group!

  2. Kathy

    Have a wonderful time and trip!!
    On page 6 of the Toronto Star there is an article on the senate- their numbers and basic salaries!! Funny you should ask!!!
    So glad your roadblock was dismantled. Safe journey and have FUN !!

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