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Roller Coaster Mamas

What a blast!

Holding hands, screaming, laughing and soaking up the joy of the present moment.

Not the best picture of moi but who cares? What a thrill – captured on film – to be enjoyed for years to come. Every time I look at this picture, I smile.


There are few things I enjoy more than the older/younger woman friendships that God has given me. The different generations may speak different dialects but we definitely speak the same language. Contrary to what our culture tells us, I believe that older and younger women experience far more similarities than differences. Although we may experience vastly different life journeys, our destinations are remarkably similar, in terms of what God says we desire.

Danielle is a gift. We always have so much fun together . . . and we continue to learn from each other too. That’s the way God intended.

So . . .

Best moment of the day? When Danielle and I climbed into a ride and I got my ears stuck in the part that pulled over my head. Honestly. My ears are so big that I couldn’t get my head through the hole! Danielle and I were laughing so hard, I couldn’t stop.

Worst moment of the day? When Danielle and I climbed into a ride and I got my ears stuck in the part that pulled over my head. Throughout the entire ride, my ears kept crunching and grinding against the so-called, “protective padding” inside the head piece.  When I got off that ride, my entire head ached…and yes, today I have bruised ears. No more “Flight Deck” rides for me!

But what an awesome day of sharing our lives – the joys and the disappointments, the uncertainties and the wisdom, the crazy moments and the tears we have gathered in our journeys.

No better way to spend my day.

Conversation after 10 rides on the rollercoasters

Man, I don’t feel good.

Me neither. Let’s sit for a while. 

1 lengthy conversation later…

You feel OK?

Not really. You?

Not great. Maybe we should eat something.

That’s the LAST thing I feel like right now.

You’re right. I think I’d throw up if I ate.

You wanna’ go back on the ride?

Yah. You?

Absolutely! Let’s do it!


Doing life together is the way God designed us.

I’m so thankful for friends like Danielle.





  1. Kathy

    Yes, what s blast!! Larry and I had a great laugh!! Love your sense of adventure and fun!!
    Go girl!!! But be careful of those delicate ears!!😊

    • Diane (Author)

      My ears are STILL sore! lol

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