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Saturday’s OVERFLOW

For those who wondered why I didn’t blog on Saturday night ….I WAS TOO TIRED!  I was up early yesterday morning, getting ready for the OVERFLOW group…and I didn’t stop until about 9:30 at night!  OVERFLOW had another wonderful afternoon together and no one was in a hurry to go home, despite the unexpected snow storm!

We had an awesome High Tea experience at The Haven, a beautiful little Bed and Breakfast here in Beaverton.   The young girls were mesmerized with the page-after-page varieties of tea as well as the chocolate dipped strawberries, Ladyfingers cookies and a chocolate cake you could die for!  After tea, we all retired to the cozy room with the fire place and Linda Armbruster read us her story called,” Elfed – On The Eve of Christmas”…it was truly a magical moment as we all were lost in the wonder of the family adventure that she describes in her book.

storytellerLinda Armbruster reading, “ELFED – On The Eve Of Christmas”

We headed back to my place for a dinner of comfort foods – chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, salad, apple crisp and I even made my first Pavlova (for my gluten free friend) – and a couple of hours of fabulous, fun filled, goofy, giggly conversation.  We started with a potentially great topic of “Perspective”/Respecting Others and Knowing Yours…..but somehow we digressed to answering questions about, “how do you know if he’s the right man to marry?”  It continues to amaze me that older and younger women have a lot more in common than they think!

Here are some comments about our time together from the older women…

Highlight of the night – sitting around the table at the B&B and enjoying a great cup of tea while listening to everyone’s stories and interesting things about themselves.  I love listening to you telling your stories (about Phoenie not wanting to take the pictures!!) and laughing with everyone.  I’m really enjoying Overflow –  the young women in our group are so interesting and insightful.           Danielle

I LOVE Overflow!    I so look forward to coming each time we meet. !-  IT is a top priority in my life!

Saturday was so much fun! At my age ( 61)  I have decided that I  must intentionally  insert some fun in my life ( which is  ( gasp) more than half over!) and Overflow  fills my” fun  tank” up for  days.,( even the memories  make me laugh, which they say is  good for  my soul and my body).  Diane , you are  a rare blend of  hilarious, honest, wise , and caring  but you  also are able to   teach  throughout all you do and say.

Hard to decide what the highlight  on Saturday was –   I guess if I had to pick, it would be  the HIGH TEA- complete with Linda’s  reading  of  her “Elfed” story  and  the following discussion.  Encouraging one another is a big part of Overflow.    Also hearing Linda share of her heart and life, and  the process of writing her book helped me to get to know her better. What a privilege to see through the window of each others’ hearts , as we  make ourselves transparent. ( And yes, I also loved the decadent desserts, fragrant tea and seeing where Dawne’ s wedding was.)

Another thing that I love about Overflow is getting to know the ” younger women”- the teens.  They make me laugh and smile,  but they teach me too.  I need their perspective on life.   I hear wisdom in their comments.  (many beyond their years)  They bring back memories of my youthful ideals and I just plain enjoy them!

I always feel I come away from Overflow, a better, richer person than I was.  I always learn so much, and am encouraged. You have a wonderful gift, Diane of facilitating discussion and asking questions that really make us think.  I must delve into my memory bank to answer your questions, to make my comments ” tried and true”, and not just pass on head knowledge , something I’ve read or heard someone else say or just a hasty opinion.

so, “Here’s to Overflow!” Long may you enrich us!         Karen

Hi Diane,

Overflow was great this month…we all learned new things about the world of tea! Who knew tea could be “nuanced”! It was a wonderful atmosphere…the young girls, I feel, are really opening up and being themselves..and my, some precious, innocent, sweet comments from some of them! It was quite a time! I especially loved their questions about dating and “knowing” who is the right man to marry. We can give them a different perspective than they receive from the media and our society everyday. Let’s pray that the words of the older women will be lodged in their hearts for that moment when they are needed. So, it was good to laugh and learn together. Thanks Diane for hosting a wonderful afternoon!           Ann Marie

Hello Everybody,

I want to thank you all for such a fun night at Overflow.  I just loved meeting you and laughing so hard my sides hurt!!  High Tea was so great and meeting at the Bed and Breakfast was really fun.  Sylvia did a great job serving us and telling us about the teas and goodies.

Thank you for listening to my story, that is the first time I have read it out loud to anyone except for my family.  Thank you for giving me such encouraging words and just this afternoon when I was thinking about it, I know I must approach another publisher!  I am going to call a woman I met in the Fall and see if she will just read my story.

Anyway, each one of you are so special to Diane and she has told me a number of times how much she loves you!   I feel very blessed and honored to be a part of this and I can’t wait to meet again!

Lots of Love to you all!!        Linda.

….and from the younger women…

I really enjoyed the experience I had yesterday except the long car ride to your house. I have to say that there were many highlights for the entire day but one thing I learned was that you can actually talk to women who aren’t your age.  You can talk about what is happening in your life and talk freely and openly as if they were your age and they understand too. You can talk to women that aren’t your age and they understand everything that you go through in life, as if it was a phase that they already went through.   I think that if you invited anyone they would enjoy it and have a really good time because I am sure people have never had a experience where they can just talk to people they just met openly and freely. For me this was the first time and I had a lovely experience, I came because it is a great opportunity for me to be able to just talk whenever I want without people judging me. I look forward to March 19.    Megan aka Megs – 14

The highlight of Saturday’s OVERFLOW for me would be spending just talking and interacting with each other! I really like how we talked about what to do when we have to handle a situation where both sides have different points of view! Also, i really enjoyed receiving advice from the “older women” and also i was surprised that i could actually give advice back to them! We just had tons of quality time where i felt that barrier between the different age groups….”disintegrate” or disappear! We all forgot about that part and focused on what was more important! That would definitely be the highlight of Saturday!

I look forward to coming to OVERFLOW because when I do i know I’ll have a lot of FUN and that i can be MYSELF….not a different person because i’m around adults!I don’t have to be more serious or disciplined because we are all running around being as CRAZY AS WE truly are! I love letting go! I love how i can listen to advice without it having to sound like nagging(coming from adults and all :D)

Talking with everyone makes it feels like best friends gathered around to share thoughts and feelings! In a weird way of explaining it’s kind of like we are all kids yet adults….or we just don’t have an age at all…..we are all the ages combined????????i don’t know how to explain it but it is one of the most precious experiences i have EVER had in my life…… really opened my eyes to see a new friendship!   Florence – 13

Getting together at Overflow is something I look forward to for weeks. I feel like it has really helped me to grow. It have moved me out of my comfort zone when it comes to being social. I wouldn’t have talked to a grade 9 or 10 student in the halls if it weren’t for overflow. And while I’ve bonded with new friends, I feel that Overflow has strengthened a friendship with someone who I love like a sister. I’m so thankful for these younger women.

I also love the company of the older women. They’re so kind and encouraging! It feels great knowing that I can get advice from another woman that has been in my shoes.
I feel really loved and accepted at Overflow, something I don’t always feel when I’m in places, like school. When it was my first Overflow meeting, Diane asked me to cut the cake I brought. I was worried that I’d make a mistake and ruin part of the cake. But Diane told me that it was okay, no one would think of me any different if I messed up. Turns out I didn’t! Taking that small step was hard, but I did it. I just needed a push. So, thank you Diane for Overflow and for helping me make the first cut of life’s “cake”.          Emily – 13
…as so we all count the days until the next OVERFLOW!!
Oh, Samantha wants to say something too!
The highlight of the day was definitely high tea. As soon as we walked into our room, it was breath-taking. All the vines on the ceiling, and all the beautiful teacups and centerpieces were just amazing. I’ve never been to a high tea before so this was definitely a unique experience for me. Also, it was just a lot of fun getting to know each other through in an interesting way. The desserts were delicious and the tea was fantastic even though I’m not much of a tea-drinker 😉 I also LOVED Linda’s book on Elfing. It was so cute and fun that it made me feel like a kid again. I can’t believe that they said rhyme wasn’t “in” anymore! Sylvia has done a wonderful job with the place and it was truly an amazing experience for me.
Overflow is something that I’m always eagerly waiting for. I can’t wait for the next time that we get together and bond in unusual and exciting ways! It is definitely a time full of learning. Not only do I learn more about life from different perspectives, I also learn more about these amazing women while discovering new things about myself as well. Before Overflow, I would NEVER just have a bonding session with older women like we do now. It would be the last thing I would ever think of doing! Overflow has shown be the importance of this older woman – younger woman relationship that society really needs a taste of! It’s an amazing time when every one can share stories about the stage of life that their in and everyone else can really learn from them. Overflow just brings so much joy to me every time I think about it. It’s really hard to describe the happy feeling I get when I think back on all the memories that we’ve had together. Also, I see new faces every time and it’s so great to meet new people and just grow together as sisters in Christ. I’m afraid that we’ll run out of chairs soon! 😛 I’m excited to see where Overflow and this older woman – younger woman relationship will take me.      Sam – 16



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  1. Sam

    Mrs. L! I’m reading your blog again 😀
    it’s amazing. like usual.
    Saturday was an awesome day (:
    I can’t wait till the next Overflow!

    By the way, Mrs. L, I’m only 15 😉 haha

  2. Emily

    It’s nice to see that Sam finally decided to comment 😉

  3. Linda

    Thanks for the pic Diane! What a day that was! I am really looking forward to the next Overflow! Thank you for all your encouragment ~ you are a blessing! xo Linda.

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