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Saviour AND Lord

Amazing lunch at a friend’s house today. This is a woman who loves to celebrate Christmas!

Christmas lunch at Carolyn's

We also had an amazing time of sharing and during our conversation, my friend shared something she had heard on the radio this morning from the James MacDonald’s Walk in the Word broadcast.

Very thought-provoking stuff.

MacDonald distinguishes between three often-used terms:

Peace with God – we believe that we are forgiven, loved and going to heaven when we die

Peace from God – living daily with God, a state of well-being and security

Peace of God – joy in the days we are given. The calm assurance that what God has for our lives is the best, despite the pain, disappointment and brokenness of living in this world. 

MacDonald goes on to say that many Christians don’t mature past the stage of peace with God. They know they have forgiven and loved. They know where they are going when they die but life on earth seldom reflects peace from and of God.

This really gave me something to reflect on this afternoon because I truly believe that daily, abundant life on this earth is so much more than the initial decision to believe in God — He promises His Spirit within us so that we can live out our days with humility, yet also with purpose, victory, love, hope and faith. Every minute of every day. This is what we can experience in Christ – He is Saviour and Lord.

So, I ask myself, “Do I experience calm assurance that God truly has me? Do I live with His peace within me, despite all that is going on around me?” 

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. Colossians 3.15 

God is within her. She will not fall



  1. Diane, I love this message. Today I chose peace as my word for the New Year. Seeing your post confirmed my choice and I want to pursue this particular topic in earnest.
    Blessings and Merry Christmas, dear friend ~ Wendy

  2. Lovely…lets live in that sweet assurance, trust and confidence In Our Great God. Let’s reflect His Peace so others want to know Him and have His Peace in their lives. When this becomes our reality, we know we can face the future with no fear!
    May you have a Blessed , peaceful Christmas and year ahead in 2016! Thanks for your wonderful blogs D. xo

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