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School Days

In the midst of digging out all the Christmas decorations, guess what I found? Every one of my report cards from Kindergarten, right through to 4th year university!

Since I was sick in bed for most of yesterday, it was the perfect time to read through the report cards – sure brought back memories. I absolutely loved school and I noticed that I rarely missed a day! I do remember begging my mom to let me go to school, even when I was really sick.

Here are some humorous observations.

Elementary School

I remember all my very soft spoken and kind elementary teachers telling the class each morning, “Let’s put on our thinking caps now” – from Kindergarten to Grade 6! We actually made thinking caps in Grade 1!

Kindergarten: I was, “hesitant to give any length contributions to discussion periods, perhaps due to a speech problem.”  I mean, how much discussing actually happens when you’re five years old? But the teacher was right – I had difficulty saying my “r” and “w” sounds.

Grade 1: Diane is a pleasant pupil who makes very valuable contributions to all discussions in the classroom.” Hm…I guess all those hours of blowing ping pong balls across the table in the nurse’s office paid off! I also noticed that I got a “V” (Very Satisfactory) in practising cleanliness.  lol

Grade 2: My teacher was Miss Hawrish but I distinctly remember that we called her Miss Horseradish. Oops…slipping in Arithmetic with a C+ but what do you expect when I spent all of first grade blowing ping pong balls in the nurse’s office during Arithmetic time?

Grade 3: My teacher described me as “enthusiastic, wholehearted, creative, cooperative and energetic” but in Arithmetic, I was described as an “interesting girl.” Apparently, I slipped on the “practicing cleanliness” as well that year.

Grade 4: Spelling becomes my strength. Oh, did I love to spell! I got C’s in Physical Education in Grade 4 because I had a BIG crush on Reed Nash and I remember watching him more than participating in gym class.

Grade 5: I received V’s (very satisfactory) in all my work, social and health habits and apparently shone in writing poetry. Oh, and I’m back with all A’s in Physical Education again so I guess I gave up on Reed Nash and focused on showing off my gymnastics and running skills in gym class.

Grade 6: “At times, Diane could pay closer attention to her own work.” Hm…well, I don’t remember copying other people’s work but my Arithmetic mark was getting pretty low so  maybe this is how I passed?

Junior High

Grade 7: Excelling in Physical Education these days, was very “articulate”, “keen” and“sensitive to others” but definitely struggling with Math and Geography. Apparently, I enjoyed sewing Moo-moos in Home Economics.

Grade 8: “Diane has a somewhat defeatist attitude regarding Math” but “good character.” Yah….really struggled with Math. “Outstanding athlete” and “not bad” in Music.

Grade 9: “Swinging over the high bars in the academic circles means staying in the 80-100 range, Diane. You’re a creative, hard working and thoughtful young lady – always encouraging others”  Interesting comments from a principal.

My high school years were some of the best years of my life – socially, academically and spiritually. University days were good too but not as good as High School.

When I think back on my early days, I realize that school was always a safe place for me when so much at home was unpredictable and sad. I have wonderful memories of teachers and friends, athletics and extra-curricular activities. It It’s fun to think back on my early years and see the patterns of strengths and weaknesses, passions and frustrations.

. . . and I’m still an “interesting girl” when it comes to Arithmetic! 🙂

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