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My oldest daughter is getting married in three days.   Christmas Day has come and gone so now we can really focus on the last minute wedding preparations and celebrate this special day.

Last night, I was home alone.  I decided to dig out all of Dawne’s baby books and try to capture the past twenty eight years of her life.

My mother didn’t make very extravagant baby albums so when I was a young mom, I was determined to chronicle every new discovery that each child made.  I kept track of all my prenatal appointments, wrote a prenatal journal and years before scrap-booking became popular, I was cutting up cards and ribbons, framing pictures, mastering calligraphy and recording accomplishments – big and small.   After all, it’s really important to know when your daughter first splashed in the bath, laughed and giggled, discovered her ears, sprouted her first tooth, took her first steps and played pat-a-cake.  Right?

I can remember Dawne’s birth like it was yesterday  –  7 pounds, 14 ounces…Apgar score was 8 after one minute and 10 after five minutes.

…and now she is getting married.

For three hours, I looked at every picture, relived each birthday party, read teachers’ comments on all her report cards, compared the school pictures to see how she had changed from year to year, laughed and cried my way through all seven scrapbooks.  I was mesmerized with her freckles and swept away with a gamut of emotions.  Every mother knows what I’m talking about – so much life has happened between then and now.  The years have passed so quickly yet the memories linger, don’t they?

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  1. Karen Perrott

    I too, remember Dawne , as that little freckle faced sweetheart!

    and yes a mother’s memories linger…

  2. Leigh

    I, like you have so many precious memories! It is hard to let go as a “mama”, when that has been your only job your entire life! sweet memories of those freckles and katie and her taking baths together.Blessing my precious girls on your special day~

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