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Showing Off My Daughter

I’m a proud mom. What can I say?

How wonderful it is to watch your adult children succeed in doing what they love. For Dawne, it’s art. She has always been creative. I remember her amazing plasticine art when she was in Elementary school and all the hours she spent colouring, cutting, glueing and drawing in her spare time. I also remember that she couldn’t just put the napkins on the table at dinner – she had to create something beautiful with them. She made some incredibly creative gifts too!

Dawne has always been an artist so you can imagine how encouraged we all were when she was asked to exhibit her art in a downtown Toronto restaurant.

She had her first show a couple of weeks ago and it was a great success.

Here’s some of her work – all pictures were taken by me so they are definitely not professional!



It was fun to watch people talking about Dawne’s art.



I love this one! It’s fun and light and also Chris’ favourite candy!



I like the way Dawne displayed these four pictures.



I think this was one of Dawne’s first paintings.



It was a wonderful evening of socializing and appreciating Dawne’s talent.



The restaurant was crowded for the entire night but what joy I felt as I stole glances of Dawne talking about her art with friends, family and potential buyers. Check out her website and Instagram!


Instagram: blanccarte






  1. jessie burgess

    You deserve bragging rights for Dawne….her pictures are very beautiful, and so is she. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Mrs. B. Sure proud of her hard work!

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks so much, Mrs. B.

  2. Joyce Nywening

    Hi Diane,
    I don’t normally make comments…but,
    And SO you should be a proud mama!
    Your daughter is gorgeous, talented and I love her art work.
    So cool that she had her own art show. That’s quite something.

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Joyce. Love watching her create!

  3. Her art is so beautiful! Would be such an awesome statement piece in any home/apartment. My brick walls are practically begging for it!
    And that’s my dad’s favourite candy too. 🙂 Congrats Dawne!

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Megan. Such beautiful words from a creative woman herself!

  4. Beautiful work Dawne…and beautiful you!! I’m amazed at your talent!! I knew you could sew and that you were creative…but this is a whole new level of awe for me!! So happy you have found your niche!! xxo

    • Diane (Author)

      I’ll pass on your encouraging words, Chris. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Oh, wow. Congrats to Dawne on her art.
    I can imagine how proud you feel.

    • Diane (Author)

      I will let Dawne know, Cynthia. Thanks so much. I am very proud – love to watch her creative juices flowing! 🙂

  6. Such a wonderfully creative daughter Dawne is! Lovely to see her work!

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks so much. I will pass on your kind words. I continue to enjoy your posts, Diane.

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