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Silent Retreat

These are precious words that a friend texted me before I left for my 3-day silent retreat.

“Jason Upton has a song that talks about Jesus pulling us in and walking us out …as He pulls you in over these next few days…and walks you out when you return…always close.”

Such a beautiful song.

That’s what happened. I was pulled in and walked out.

What beauty to behold when there is silence for three days.  So much comes alive.

I loitered with intent.

Sat a little longer.

Gave myself room and time for stillness to lure me.

Stillness. Presence. Silence. These are the moments that enlarge my life.

Thank you, Jesus..that You would call me to this.


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your retreat, Diane. Such silent retreats have been among the most important times of my life.

    • Diane (Author)

      Yes, I agree, Cynthia. When I arrived, one of the truths that the spiritual director said to the group was, “We hear a lot about letting go…I would encourage you to “let come.” Those words stayed with me the entire three days. Very profound time.

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