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Simple Child’s Play

Chris and I took Phoenie and his friend to Reptilia on the weekend.  They had a great time watching the pythons swallow a dead rabbit, the turtles sauntering along the sand, the crocodiles sunbathing on the docks and the numerous kinds of reptiles camouflaged in their environment. This is truly a great place to visit but unquestionably, my favorite moments with these boys happened in the car on the way to Reptilia. Phoenie and Eric were sitting in the back seat and their imaginations were driving the conversation. This is what Chris and I heard.  We were just smiling through it all and I was scribbling down the dialogue because it was so funny.

E – there’s an alien ship! Quick! Open the window and throw a grenade! I’ll stand watch. (Grenade explosion sound effects here)

P – Don’t shoot at the sun! It will make it brighter!

E – Don’t worry – there’s a force field.  

P – You never told me that.  

E – It’s a secret plan.  If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret. 

P – Oh….

E – Fire the sprinkler!  (Water sound effects here)

P – I’ll change the lazers. Watch out for the giant wheel!  You better duck!  (Lazer sound effects here)

E – There’s no ducks. It”s a alien weapon guy!

P – Go faster! Dynamites are falling! (strange burping sounds here)

E – The worst work hours in Reptilia would be 6:00 am – 11:00 p.m.  

P – What’s that got to do with dynamites?

E – I unplugged the dynamite.  

P – Why isn’t the alien falling?

E – Because it’s the leader. 

P – Oh….this is getting boring.

E – I know.

P – What do you want to do now?

E – Let’s stop at every fast food place.

P – No, Papak wont like that. We could pretend that we’re invisible.  Naah….then you won’t be able to see me. Wanna’ try to go to sleep?

E – Naaah….

P – Then we would miss everything.

E – Five minutes more.


P – I wish I could teleport and we would be there already. 

What I loved about the conversation was that the boys were entertaining themselves.  No TV, no DS, no video games, no radio, no phones, no whining, no fighting – just two young boys completely absorbed in their “pretend world.” Eric was holding a stick and I don’t think Phoenie had anything in his hands..and it didn’t matter.  Their imaginations were running wild, they were cooperating with each other and they were….well….being young boys.

Even at Reptilia, despite all the amazing and entertaining reptiles, Eric and Phoenie were truly at their finest when they were playing on the theatre stage. Eric was organizing and leading staring contests with the other children, who were doing cartwheels and jumping off the stage.  Phoenie was one of the staring contest contestants. Somehow, the reptiles took second place to interaction with other children. It was fascinating to watch.

…and who needs to spend $15.00 adult and $10.00 child admission to participate in an awesome staring contest?

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  1. Linda

    Someone said, “Just give kids the boxes at Christmas, they’ll entertain themselves for hours!” Their imaginations are magical!!

  2. That is SO true! I remember when our kids were young, someone spilled the Cheerios all over the floor and our kids proceeded to play in them for hours…box included. It was amazing to watch what they came up with to keep themselves busy! Diane

  3. Kathy taylor

    I love the Phoenie stories. He’s such an imaginative child. You’re very wise to record his words and thoughts!!!
    Keep them coming!!
    As a young mom, we didn’t have time for this, but now as grandparents, that’s what we’re for- time spent with the Grandkids to savour the moments with the young.

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