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Today was my babysitting day with little Isaiah and baby Mikaela. Remember the story of Isaiah and his dump truck? (See December 4th and December 8th blog entries) Well, it was that time again – time for another adventure!

I just love watching Danielle’s two little children, knowing that it gives her freedom to frolic at Costco and enjoy the solitude of going to her appointments without armfuls of mittens, toy cars and bottles. I knew it would be less complicated if the kids and I just played in the house for the morning but I also knew that there were big adventures awaiting outside the front door! So, the three of us bundled up and headed out to lands not yet explored.

Our first stop was the fire hydrant. Isaiah commented that it looked like his “toy man” and he wanted to know more about this strangely shaped object. After a little lesson about firetrucks, hoses and hydrants (with sound and movement added for extra effect), we headed to the frozen pond.

Isaiah remembered rescuing the dump truck out of this water a while back and the thought of walking on the same water really intrigued him. I quickly made up a song, showed him some actions and away we went, dancing and marching across the vast waters of Aurora.

“We’re marching on the water in our snowsuits
We’re sliding down the snow hill on our bums
Isaiah’s lifting ice balls, he loading up his dump truck
and Mikaela’s sitting wide-eyed in her chair
We’re on an adventure, we’re on an adventure
and we’re not going stop ’til we get to the other side
We’re on an adventure, we’re on an adventure
Hip, hip hurray, it’s fun to be outside!”

Can you picture little Isaiah marching across the ice, swinging his arms, trying to master all the actions but always remembering to shout the word, “adventure” at the top of his voice? Of course, the highlight of the adventure was discovering two deserted hockey nets where Isaiah enjoyed posing as a goalie. I took pictures and Mikaela sat patiently on the ice, taking it all in.

Two hours later, we headed home with a gigantic snowball sharing the stroller with Mikaela and by the time that we got to our Kraft dinner/lunch, yogurt and berries, Isaiah’s little head was slowly falling into his bowl – he just couldn’t keep his eyes open. His crowning comment was, “Diane, you’re my hero but I want to go to bed now. We can play hockey later.”

Makes your heart melt, doesn’t it? Simple, simple, simple. Just keep it simple.

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  1. Danielle

    Love it!! I’m still not sure where he learned the word hero! Thanks so much for coming over yesterday! Isaiah told me again today “Diane’s a lot of fun!”.

  2. kathy

    Precious moments! Look how you are loving into Isaiah’s and Mikayla’s lives through your commitment and your sense of fun and adventure!!

    • Danae

      Kathy is pretty devoted still commenting on your blogs from Florida!!! 🙂

  3. Linda Armbruster

    Love your stories! xo Linda

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