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Snow Day – Let’s Play!

Papak, Nana, Phoenie and Froggie
It took a while to get to sleep Friday night because Papak, Nana and I were talking about ringtones, frogs and treasure maps.

Saturday morning, we woke up to lots of snow…and I mean LOTS –  it snowed all day!

The best part of the day was climbing onto the boat house roof…

standing on the boat house roof2014-02-01 10.09.19

…and jumping into a huge snow drift.

jumping off the roof

My friend and I had a really fun time climbing Snow Mountain too.

climbing snow mountain

Papak and Nana took us tobogganing on the big hill up the road and we build a big snow ramp until we got really cold and decided to come home.

Kelvin and I played video games for a while and then I came home to play QuizUp with Papak. QuizUp is basically a game with a bunch of topics and questions and you’re playing against someone. Papak and I like the topic, “Name that Animal” and Nana likes “Name that Candy” because she works at a store with all kinds of candy. Nana likes candy too.

I love coming to visit Papak and Nana’s house because I get to sleep with Froggie, blog with Nana and wrestle with Papak.

I get to blog one more time because Nana’s staying at my house for a couple of days!

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