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Special Cards, Given and Received

Condolence cards. Birthday cards. A love letter. Even a special card of kind words, sent by snail mail for no special occasion – just “because.” This past week, our kitchen side table has been adorned with written expressions of love and…well…just taking it all in soothes my soul and lifts my spirit.


Card Table

I have always loved cards – looking at them in stores, making them, sending them, receiving them, keeping them. If I’m near a Hallmark store and I have some free time, it’s a dangerous thing –  instantly, I find myself gravitating towards the card section and to my husband’s chagrin, I seldom come out of that store empty handed. Of course, it doesn’t help that the closest Hallmark shop also sells Laura Secord chocolates! Life just doesn’t get any better –  I get to meander my way through all the card sections AND eat chocolate!

It’s not about frantically running into a card store and grabbing any old card to stick on top of a present. There’s  something very gratifying about that moment when I read a card that instantly makes me think of a particular person – it’s like the card was made for that one person and no one else. Maybe it triggers a memory or it’s hilariously funny. It might communicate hope or ask for forgiveness.  Whatever it is, I know it will be a special shared moment…so I buy it. I know, I know — cards are a ridiculous price but sometimes, you just can’t make price the issue.

 When I discover that perfect card, I don’t need to write anything inside but my name because the card says it all. I enjoy the whole process of addressing the envelope, walking to the mailbox, shoving the card in that little mail slot and best of all, anticipating its reception.

Giving a card to someone I love sure does feel good.

Early this morning, I went upstairs with a cup of chai tea and took out this big box of goodies – piles of special cards that have been sent to Chris and I — mostly from each other and some from family and friends.

Box of Cards

Re-reading cards always lifts my spirits. It’s like my very own “Encouragement” file.

I marvelled at the personalized cards from my artistic sister-in-law/photographer.  I giggled at my grandson’s stick figures and humorous ways of making a point. I sang along with the musical cards and watched with curiosity how the pop up cards slid into place. I felt hugged as I read my husband’s romantic words and I was refreshed by some of the inspiration cards from friends.

Grand gestures are appreciated but it’s amazing how sweet, random notes can bring such joy into my day.

It’s so nice to be thought of, so nice to be remembered.





  1. Kathy

    I agree. I love reds and have them in files from many years ago. We’ve been ,arrived for 51 years and I have many special cards I just can’t discard. I’m so happy with my camera my four brothers bought me for my special birthday last year. Really enjoyed using it in Whistler and Vancouver before just returning last night!

    • Diane (Author)

      Welcome home, Sis! Yes, I do love your homemade-with-love cards. I have saved all the ones that Chris and I have received!
      You’re a beautiful photographer with an eye for beauty.

  2. Vicky

    Yes! It’s good to keep those reminders. Mine is a “feel good” file. Knowing you I know why you need a whole box 🙂

    • Diane (Author)

      Ah, you’re so sweet, Vicky. Your comment gave me my first morning smile. Well, actually, that’s not true. I had a smile of satisfaction when I was power washing our propane tanks this morning….but other than that! 🙂

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