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I read this quote this morning.  I really like it.

In the words of G.K. Chesterton, “I have always felt life first a story: and if there is a story there is a story-teller.”  Christ stepped into our world to touch the story of our lives with a hand and a face, in order that we might know him, and grasp that we are known.  His presence is our overwhelming good.”

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about our passion or lack of it to take ownership of our personal stories.  Everyone has one – as our lives unfold, our stories unfold.  Yet, it is my observation that very few of us actually feel like our stories are worth listening to.  Perhaps we either lack confidence in the content of our stories, or we lack confidence in our ability to tell our stories well… or both.

Problem #1 – “I don’t have a Rock & Roll, Sex and Drugs story.  My life is boring.”

Answer:  Even the smallest experience in a day can teach a big lesson and become a great story.  Sometimes it takes some big watching to see the hand of God day to day, but it can be done. That’s what I love about blogging every day.    It forces me to keep my eyes peeled for God’s presence and truth, whether it be with broken Christmas ornaments or muddy dump trucks, Bible verses or Phoenie’s comments, cars in ditches or picket fences, toad purses or turkey stuffing, frozen lakes or great quotes – the simple things in life are fodder for powerfully impacting stories.

Problem #2 – “I could never get up in front of anyone and tell my story. I’m too shy.  It’s just not me.”

Answer:  This is a pretty self-protecting posture to settle into and I don’t think we need to get stuck there.  It’s not about you, it’s about Him.  It’s about enlarging our comfort zones and allowing Him to “…step into our world and touch the story of our lives with a hand and a face.” Forget about your insecurities.  Take the risk and tell your story. Leave Him with the results.

“His presence is our overwhelming good.” He makes a difference in our days, however mundane our days may feel to us.  Do you really believe that?  I sure do, and I am going to keep on telling stories about the simplest things in my day, knowing that God is right there in the midst of it all.  Thank you, God; for Your presence in this world.  All truth is Yours.

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