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Stripped Garden

I just stripped our garden this afternoon. There are a few cherry tomatoes lingering on the vines but the peas, cucumbers, beets, lettuce and kale have been eaten.

To be honest, Chris and I weren’t given the opportunity to enjoy many fruits (or should I say, vegetables) of our labour because unwanted Mr. Groundhog feasted all summer long at our expense. We tried everything to protect our precious vegetables. We tempted this critter with cantaloupe in the trap (nether Chris or I like cantaloupe but apparently, groundhogs find them quite agreeable), we heavy duty stapled the garden wire netting to the foundation, we planted our seeds in different patterns – but it seemed like every time we glanced out the kitchen window, that fat, miserable, greedy creature was popping his head out from under the tool shed, standing on its back feet, sticking his tongue out at us and saying, “Na, na, na, na, na!”RIGHT BESIDE THE BAITED GROUNDHOG TRAP!  UGH!

Maybe there was a gang of groundhogs who met under the shed at 0600 and strategized. Who knows? Maybe they mapped our moves – they knew when we got up, what we ate for breakfast and when Chris headed out to the garden to water. Maybe there were many but only one delighted in staring us down.

Oh, do I sound angry?

Well, I admit – the first time this varmint ate my kale plants to the ground this summer, I broke down in tears.

I mean, I lost it.

But I’m happy to say that I have matured emotionally.   🙂

This summer, Mr. Groundhog didn’t only eat all the pea tops, lettuce and kale but he actually had the nerve to up his game and graduate to the beet leaves AND the tomatoes plants.

Despite our best efforts, the groundhog has won once again.

But I have held it together. No swearing. No frustration.

Just grateful that he doesn’t like cucumbers.














  1. Anne Loewen

    The deer in our community were so “cute” and “adorable” when we first moved here. Once they ate my Ming Cherry bush (two years in a row) and the apples from our apple tree I began to think that maybe Bambi’s mother’s tragic end wouldn’t be so devastating if it occurred here. Is that wrong of me to think?? I just can’t be sure. 🙂

    • Diane (Author)

      I hear ya, Anne. I hear ya.

  2. Susan Bowyer

    I know your pain, Diane. This spring I purchased and planted over $60 worth of pansies in my backyard to brighten the place up for my son’s April 29th wedding. Well apparently groundhogs love pansies. Yup, he ate them right down to the soil. Fortunately, we were able to trap him and rehome him. (No, it wasn’t in your backyard!) Needless to say, I had to do a second planting of dissimilar flowers afterwards. Oh, and tonight I discovered I have a mouse in my basement! I am not amused with the wildlife.

    • Diane (Author)

      I feel your pain, Susan. Tough way to learn that groundhogs like pansies but thanks for giving me the heads up! 🙂 Definitely a “note to self” for me!

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