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Our grandson was recently given a very interesting assignment at school.



To: Detective Squad

As part of an elite detective squad, you have been hired to investigate local happenings that occur in establishments known as “churches.” 

Your mission, over the next two weeks, is to discreetly observe all the goings-on at the church you attend. You must be particularly vigilant when on the premises of your church, so that your powers of observation take in all the necessary details to bring a satisfactory conclusion to your mission. Put bluntly, you must take note of all that you may see – suspicious and unsuspicious occurrences. 


Kudos to his teacher – this is a really creative assignment for a Grade 7 student.

Phoenie called us to ask for help because he wanted to write about our church. He has visited often over the years and has always been quite interested in what’s going on. He’s attended the Sunday school camp, sat in the services and gone to the summer camp a few times.

When he called and told me about the assignment, he strongly articulated that he needed to carefully observe “the suspicious and the unsuspicious” so he brought up an issue that had obviously been on his mind for quite a while.

Phoenie: Nana, can you and Papak take a picture of the hatch in the ceiling of the sanctuary?

Nana: What hatch?

Phoenie: Every time I go to church with you, I look up at the ceiling in that room and wonder what’s behind that little door.  It’s very suspicious, Nana.

Nana: Hm.. I’ll have to look more carefully next time I’m in there, Phoenie. That IS very suspicious.  Any other pictures you want us to take? 

Phoenie: Yah, can you take a picture of all the people in the lobby eating cookies after church is over? I’ve noticed that a lot of people take more than one cookie. That’s pretty suspicious too. 

Nana: Wow! You’re very observant, Phoenie. 

Phoenie: Yah, well, I gotta’ admit that I take more than one cookie too. 

Nana: I figured that. Anything else that stands out in your mind that is suspicious about our church?

Phoenie: No. I don’t think so. But I really want to know about that hatch. It’s bugged me for years. 

Nana:  I’ll get right on that, Phoenie.

Phoenie: Thanks, Nana. 

So, this morning, Chris took a picture of “the hatch.”

Very suspicious indeed.   🙂






  1. I love this post, Diane.

    • Diane (Author)

      …and I love Phoenie!

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