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Sweet Time with my Daughter


throw kindness like confettiA friend of mine sent me this wonderful visual of spreading kindness. I remember those days when guests were allowed to throw confetti at weddings, so this picture spoke to me strongly — to be kind in such a natural, abundant way.

My daughter works at a very well reputed spa here in Ontario so she decided to treat me to a wonderful spa day. I drove to her place the night before, slept over and was up early yesterday morning, anticipating a relaxing day together. What a gorgeous place to rest.

spa -  building

I love the matching stone on the building and the birdhouse.

spa - birdhouse

THIS was very tempting . . .

spa - very tempting

. . . but I took picture of Danae’s handstands instead.

spa - handstand fun

We enjoyed a healthy lunch and a restful afternoon tea together. I thought I would spread a little kindness around by bringing home a delicious slice of Linze torte for my husband . . but I ate half of the piece on the way home. Hey . . . the thought was there!

The treatments were lovely but the company was divine — sweet time with my daughter.

Aesop once said, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”

Thank you, Danae — for your expressions of kindness and love — big and small.









  1. Kathy

    Aaah. Sweet times with your daughter…..

  2. Linda

    I could use a spa day! So glad you had a great time!

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