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After an evening of mystery dinner theatre, starring the talented and home schooled son of some good friends, Chris and I headed home to watch a taped So You Think You Can Dance show.

All I can say is, “Wow!”  I mean, I have loved this show since it started because I have always appreciated all the various forms of dance but last night was absolutely amazing.

Three acts really stood out to me. All three acts were incredibly moving in different ways.

A young mother returned to her first love of dancing and although she executed her routine flawlessly, her delightful, tutu wearing two year old daughter managed to steal the show.

One dancer performed a creative,“feel good” tribute to his mother because she was losing her eyesight. I enjoyed his dance immensely but I also felt such pleasure watching his mother’s pure joy.

The highlight of the evening was a breathtaking dance that resulted in a standing ovation and absolute marvel from the judges. Chris and I were in tears by the end of the dance – it was mesmerizing.

When Handyn Williams introduced himself, I was skeptical (bordering on judgmental) because of his claim in creating a new form of dance that he called, “Exorcism style dance.” He spoke of his ability to “read and remove peoples’ pain” which certainly put me on guard.

Then he started to move to a haunting song entitled Immortal, sung by a group called Evanescence.

I have never seen anything like it. Every part of this young man’s body – right down to his eyeballs and fingertips – were part of the dance. Sometimes he moved like silk across the stage and other times, it looked like bits of film had been clipped out of the dance so you couldn’t see his body move from one position to another – kind of like watching someone move under a strobe light.

He was completely focused, as if there was no audience at all; just him and his expression of the lyrics.

It was exquisite. It was more than that. This dance deeply touched my soul.

I saw Jesus, bearing a person’s pain.

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  1. leigh

    this totally blew my mind~ such a gift of emotion thru dance~

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