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Milk In Bags, Eh?

Apparently, bagged milk is a Canadian thing. Do you know that there are actually websites about this? You can also watch some tantalizing Youtube videos on the subject. If I’ve got your curiosity going […]

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How Canadians Live

Yup…this is where Chris and I live! We’re showing off our igloo to city folk – the Murley family! …and here’s our backyard frozen lake! The dog sled races were […]

So, What is a “Canuck”?

I always find it difficult to explain what it means to be Canadian…but I think I’ve finally figured it out. While we were in Waterloo, Linda and I noticed this […]


The Canadian Way

It happened a few years ago. I was teaching at a private school in Toronto at the time and during one of my breaks, I ran to the bank to […]


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