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I’ve spent some time with a few women this past week whose pasts continue to plague them. “I’ll never change. I feel hopeless.” “I’m giving my best but nothing changes […]


I’m so proud of my daughter. She wasn’t happy with her life so she changed it. She tied up all the loose ends, packed her car and headed out west. […]

Snow Dump 2013

The snow dump has come upon us. Welcome to the Canadian winter. We’ve got well over two feet of snow..and it’s still coming down! Everything closed today (Chris is stranded […]


Summer’s Over…

It kinda’ made me sad, looking at the old minnow buckets sitting on the end of the dock. They look so lonely. I’m used to seeing a group of young, […]

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It’s Monday morning and during the past four hours, I received six emails from friends who are struggling…and it’s not the Monday blues.  I think that we, as women, get overwhelmed […]

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