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Passion Personified

I recently spent an afternoon tutoring a university student. Normally, Brian is very goal-oriented and enthusiastically engaged in our conversations. We were brainstorming ideas for his Business assignment but he […]

Pumpkin Carving

These carvings are amazing. Pumpkin time is here again so take a look at these sculptures! More Classics from The Pumpkin Master… Ray Villafane             […]

Pumpkin Procreation

These carvings are amazing. Pumpkin time has come and gone but look at this sculptures! More Classics from The Pumpkin Master… Ray Villafane               […]


Gum On The Wall

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. When I first heard about the Gum Wall in Seattle, I was really intrigued. The Market Theatre Gum Wall is a […]



After an evening of mystery dinner theatre, starring the talented and home schooled son of some good friends, Chris and I headed home to watch a taped So You Think […]

A Dilemma

My husband and daughter surprised me with a new iPad for Mother’s Day. I really was surprised because I have never asked for one.  Apparently, my husband picked up on […]


Interesting and effective exercise. Approximately sixty people, who lead various ministries in our church, got up early on a Saturday morning and met in a heated garage to give their […]

The Phone Stack

Have you heard of this ingenious, new game? It’s called, “The Phone Stack.”  According to the creator, this game is a “buzzing, flashing reminder of every phone-etiquette rule the world […]


Hot and Cold

It “twasn’t the night before Christmas” but I had to take a picture of my husband snuggling up with his new blanket.  It reminded me of Clement Clarke Moore’s famous […]

Simple Child’s Play

Chris and I took Phoenie and his friend to Reptilia on the weekend.  They had a great time watching the pythons swallow a dead rabbit, the turtles sauntering along the […]

Queens of the Night

[youtube] Lyrics to “Beautiful Things” – Gungor All this pain I wonder if I’ll ever find my way I wonder if my life could really change at all All […]

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God’s Creative Hand

I’ve got five early-rising, mind-exhausting, steep-learning-curve days of bus driver training under my belt. May I confess something? I am extremely happy that I have a three day weekend ahead of […]

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Mother Goose

It was a sad day for me – Danielle is heading back to work so yesterday was my last official adventure time with Isaiah and Mikaela.  For those who have […]

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