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It was a crisp morning for cycling but during twelve years and close to 50,000 clicks on my road bike,  I’ve collected cycling vests, long sleeve, wicking T shirts, Balaclavas to […]

Glorious Saturday

This has been a glorious day – it started with a good sleep-in.  Chris and I woke up to the beautiful sound of lapping waves and the delightful realization that […]

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A Good and Perfect Gift

Despite the snow storm,  thirty friends and family made their way to Beaverton to attend my daughter’s bridal shower this afternoon.  Chris kept busy as resident valet, shuffling cars from […]

The Roast

Two thousand kilometers after my broken collar bone,  I was coasting down a long hill on a brisk October afternoon.  It was the last stretch of a good ride.  I […]

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A Lonely Moment

One day, I was on a very long bike ride but foolishly had not checked over the bike before I mounted it.  A responsible cyclist will always take the time […]

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How It All Started

Let me start with the story about how I paid for my first road bike. I had just come home from a tough game of soccer – I was goalie […]


My Friend – My Road Bike

I was driving to church yesterday, turned south onto Warden and headed up a very familiar hill that I affectionately call, “The Misleader.”  It doesn’t look very steep but when […]

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