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UNBELIEVABLE Now THIS is worth a blog post! Our septic tank continues to give us problems. So, the pumping service came this morning, blocked the road and started emptying our […]

Bra-Shopping Drama

Warning, men.. This is a “bra-g” post, not a blog post. ¬†We’re talking about bras today. The modus operandi that we women have to go through to find the perfect […]

Fish Tales

In our old house, our kitchen was a ‘happenin’ place. It was a school day and the kids had all come home for lunch. My girlfriend Linda, had brought her […]


Today was my babysitting day with little Isaiah and baby Mikaela. Remember the story of Isaiah and his dump truck? (See December 4th and December 8th blog entries) Well, it […]


Lately, my husband has been telling me that I not only talk in my sleep but that he has conversations with me! We try to go to bed at the […]



It’s been a fun, relaxing five days away and I am happy to report that it’s been a very productive time as well.¬† Every morning, Linda and I set our […]

Christmas Gift #3

Our family has faithfully honored a number of Christmas traditions over the years.¬† One of the “tried and true” traditions is our Christmas Eve ritual.¬† When the kids were really […]

Christmas Gift #2

…and then there was the time when Dawne was about thirteen years old and she decided to experiment with candle-making.¬† Since I have no recollection of this craft either (see […]

Christmas Gift #1

I think I have recovered from yesterday’s Christmas crisis but reminiscing about homemade crafts made me think about some of the interesting Christmas gifts that have been given in our […]

Christmas Crisis

For more than twenty years, I have managed to preserve all of my childrens’ homemade Christmas ornaments that they made in Kindergarten.¬† These ornaments trigger some of my most precious […]

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