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Protesting Bodies

Having recently publicly admitted (see #11 in Thursday’s blog) that gardening really isn’t “my thing”, I have to brag a bit about our little garden.  It seems like the peas, tomatoes […]


I’m finally finished the gardens.  For three days, I have buying and returning flowers,  digging, cutting, planting, shaping, creating, weeding and watering. It’s a little bit of a “lunch bag […]

Summer Is Coming 1

I had to chuckle when I saw this portable cart, bursting with ceramic animal figures, resting on my neighbour’s front lawn.  When you love to garden, putting out the animal […]

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Pure Delight

I love gardening!  I figured it was something that I would like…eventually…when my life slowed down enough to learn how to do it well.   I dabbled in the dirt […]


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